Help Your International Students Stay Connected

In the U.S.

We partner with Mint Mobile to provide the best deal in wireless and help your students save hundreds.

Student Benefits

  • Students can get a U.S. number while in their home country
  • Service available as soon as they land in the U.S.
  • Easy set up and activation on any unlocked GSM device
  • Plans can be cancelled at any time
  • Budget friendly low-cost plans available in short term options
  • Simple account management online and on the Mint Mobile app

Want to learn more or get started?

How It Works
Submit your order
We mail sim kits to you
You give sim kits to students
Students activate sim in home country
Student arrives in u.s. with service

Want SIM Cards for Your Students?

Fill out this form to get campusSIMS delivered to your school! You can also request SIMs by emailing the information below to a campusSIMS team member at [email protected].

Still Have Questions?

Contact a member of the campusSIMS team by emailing [email protected]

Most of our partner schools include our SIM cards in the student’s I-20 visa package. Students then receive the SIM card in their home country and are able to activate the card before they leave for the U.S. This allows students to immediately begin using their phones as soon as they land.

No, campusSIMS is completely free. We provide our SIM cards to schools for free and then allow our school partners to distribute the cards to their students however they see best. Students are only charged if they decide to register for a mobile plan.

Order FREE SIMs here or simply send a request to [email protected]detailing how many SIM cards you will need, where to ship them, and when you would like to receive the cards.

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