International Student & campusSIMS: Order your FREE SIM card!

Place your order for a FREE SIM card brought to you by campusSIMS + Mint Mobile.

campusSIMS sends students a FREE SIM card in their home country so that they can get their US phone number immediately, and have mobile phone service as soon as they arrive in the U.S. Plans start as low as $15/month, and students can choose from unlimited talk and text, and either 4GB, 10GB, 15GB or Unlimited data.

Please enter the address at which you’d like to receive your FREE SIM card. It can be mailed to you in your home country prior to your departure, or to your final destination in the U.S. Please allow up to 2-5 weeks for shipment. If you will be arriving in the US before then, please place an order for shipment to your final destination in the US. (If you are unsure what information you need for your US address, please consult this blog post here.)

We are collecting the following information for the purposes of sending you a FREE SIM card. We will not share your information with third-parties or other entities.

For any questions related to your order or for more information, contact [email protected].