What is campusSIMS?

campusSIMS is a small team dedicated to helping students get connected with the resources they need to get set-up in the United States, so they can focus less on the logistics of everyday life - and more on having the best possible student experience.

Why does campusSIMS recommend Mint Mobile?

campusSIMS is part of the Mint Mobile family, but provides its mobile phone service because it offers the best value for students. Mint Mobile offers the most affordable rates and data packages for students on the fastest, most advanced network nationwide.

Why did I receive a campusSIMS SIM card with my I-20?

You received a campusSIMS + Mint Mobile SIM card with your I-20 because campusSIMS partners with your school to help you get connected with mobile phone service. campusSIMS provides your school with its SIM cards, and then your school sends the SIM cards to you with your I-20 so that you can get your U.S. phone number before arriving at school. This allows you to use your phone as soon as you land in the U.S.

Will my phone work in the U.S.?

All unlocked, GSM-ready phones will work in the U.S. The Mint Mobile app will also test your phone's compatibility as you set-up your account/activate your SIM card.

Why should I choose Mint Mobile instead of another carrier?

Mint Mobile provides the best value for students, offering affordable plans that include unlimited nationwide talk and text and generous amounts of 4G • 5G LTE data. Mint Mobile also recognizes that international students have unique needs, and therefore, allows students to sign up without a SSN or U.S. bank account, doesn't require a contract, and allows you to activate your SIM once you get to the U.S. so you're billing cycle starts only when you're ready to use the service.

Does Mint Mobile accept international credit cards?

Yes! Mint Mobile accepts international credit and debit cards, as well as accepts payment through PayPal. However, we recommend letting your credit card company or bank know that you will be making a payment to a U.S. company before you activate your SIM card so you won't have any problems setting up your phone service.

When should I activate my SIM card?

If you got your SIM card while in your home country, you'll want to sign up for Mint Mobile and create an account before you arrive in the U.S. After signing up and selecting a plan, you'll get your U.S. phone number while in your home country. If you will not be needing or using your SIM card immediately, you'll select "Activate later" after setting up your account. Then, when you're heading to university, you'll bring your SIM card, put it in your phone, and activate your plan when you get to the U.S. so you can start using your mobile phone service immediately.

Why do I get a payment error message when activating my SIM card?

When you enter your credit card or payment information into the Mint Mobile app, your bank or credit card company might flag the transaction if you have not made a payment to the U.S. before. We recommend contacting your credit card company or your bank to let them know that this is not a fraudulent transaction.