The campusSIMS Team’s Tips for Working from Home

The pandemic has caused a lot of change in our lives – everything from how we venture to the grocery store to how we learn and take classes to how we see our friends. For most people, one of the biggest changes has been in how they work. For the campusSIMS team, we’ve been working from home since before the pandemic, and to help those who are newly graduated, or starting a summer job or internship, our team wanted to share how we stay productive and focused while working remotely.

Colin, Co-Founder

For me, it’s all about the actual work space: Get a comfortable chair, and an extra monitor. Limit distractions in that work space. Treat your home office like you would a physical office space. I like to keep structured hours, and the same morning routine. I recommend always working from your desk.

Chris, Sales Manager

It is worth setting up a home office if you have the space. Being able to close the door and feel like I have just arrived at work helps to put me in the right mindset.

Alec, Account Manager

I find it important to have one place that is just for work that also has a second monitor, if possible. I try not to stay inside all day though and make sure I go outside every day. I’ve even made drinking my coffee outside in the morning part of my routine. And you might be surprised, but being active at least once a day can really boost your productivity, so I incorporate that into my routine as well.

Victoria, Lead Customer Advocate

Comfy clothes is a must! I also love having my favorite drink (iced vanilla chai tea) and take frequent breaks with some happy music playing the background (current song obsession, Roses Remix by Imanbek) with an impromptu dance or two to keep energy levels up!

Angela, Channel Marketing Manager

Taking breaks during the day is so important and I often use my calendar to ensure that I step away from my laptop for a little while, whether for lunch, a workout, or a walk.

When in work mode, I sometimes need a little help in starting a task, so I’ll utilize the Pomodoro Method, which is when you work in 25 minute intervals with five minute breaks in between. It’s much less intimidating to commit to 25 focused minutes than to think about focusing for an entire work day. Sometimes, I get into a groove and work beyond the 25 minutes, but other times, I really need that break.

Scott, VP Channel Development

Moving around to a new location (deck, kitchen, etc.) provides a nice change of pace sometimes.

The most important thing to remember about working from home: find a way to stay productive that works for you! Each of our team members takes a different approach, but we’ve all established routines and methods to working from home that help us stay motivated and productive.