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campusSIMS is looking for marketing interns to help provide insight into strategies for acquiring new customers, and increasing brand awareness.

Job title: campusSIMS sales/marketing intern

We created the campusSIMS marketing internship program to better engage with student communities and understand their needs, and to invite motivated students to help us grow the campusSIMS brand.

About the position

You know your community best. You understand the motivations and interests of your fellow students, and can help us understand what they look for in a mobile phone service provider. That’s why we’re enlisting your help as a marketing intern in introducing your fellow students to campusSIMS. Marketing interns play a crucial role in helping the campusSIMS sales and marketing team reach more students, and acquire new customers.

Your role is incredibly important to how campusSIMS reaches new students. As a marketing intern, you’ll be able to make recommendations and help influence the marketing and sales strategies at campusSIMS.

How it works

This is a paid internship that requires five hours per week, which will include one half-hour weekly marketing call with the campusSIMS marketing team. You will work with the campusSIMS team to set goals and determine weekly deliverables, including providing a report with insight into your student community and student feedback on Mint Mobile. You will do your own research into what students at your school are looking for in mobile phone service, and what sort of features and plans matter most to them.

Though we’re asking for five hours per week, you’ll be working remotely and able to create your own schedule, choosing hours that work for you. This internship will be for one month, with the potential to be renewed for additional months, depending on performance.

As a campusSIMS marketing intern, you’re also eligible to join our affiliate marketing program. As part of this program, you can earn $20 for every student you get to sign-up for a plan. The more students you sign up, the more money you can make. Marketing interns that join our affiliate marketing program will use our affiliate platform to track and earn money for their sales.


  • Marketing the campusSIMS brand to students on/off-campus
  • Providing weekly reports to the campusSIMS marketing team
  • Collecting and providing insight into the student community to the campusSIMS team
  • Developing recommendations and strategies to better reach the student community
  • Representing the campusSIMS and Mint Mobile brands positively
  • Attending a half-hour campusSIMS marketing call once per week
  • Corresponding via email with the campusSIMS team as needed
  • If joining our affiliate marketing program, getting students to sign up for Mint Mobile plans


  • Must deliver reports with insight into the student community you’re representing
  • Must attend a half-hour weekly marketing call with the campusSIMS team
  • Must be comfortable working autonomously/with minimal supervision
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Must be driven, motivated, and consider themselves a self-starter

Students of all majors, and educational and professional backgrounds are encouraged to apply. This is a paid internship.

How to apply

Please submit your application using the form below. A member of our team will review your application upon submission, and if you seem like a potential fit, our team will contact you to set up an interview.